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Piezoelectric elements Dielectric materials Wave propagation Electric fields Electro-active polymers Piezoelectric Component Piézoélectricité Fractional derivatives Barkhausen noise Solid state reactions PiezoElectricity Control Vibration control Vibration energy harvesting Capteur Electroactive polymers Piezoelectric ceramics Bimetal Fabrication additive Nanocomposites Mechanical properties Electroactive polymer Phononic Energy transfer Magnetic incremental permeability Electrostrictive polymers Piezoelectricity Actuators Matériaux Thermal energy Couplings Ferroelectricity Additive manufacturing Mechanical energies Energy conversion Dielectric properties Hysteresis loss Composite materials Carbon nanotube buckypaper Yarn Polymers Dielectric permittivities Hysteresis Polarization Mechanical actuators Sensor Energy Harvesting Modélisation Permittivity Conversion énergétique Vibration Conducting polymers Carbon nanotubes Bimetallic strips Ferromagnetic composites Fractional derivative Jiles-Atherton model Composite Contrôle non destructif Eddy current testing Ferroelectric materials Energétique Electrotechnique Contraintes mécaniques Damping Strain Nonlinear Piezoelectric Polymère électrostrictif X ray diffraction Composites Low-frequency induction heating Electrostrictive Electrostrictive polymer Actuator Structural health monitoring Electrotechnics Terpolymers Frequency dependence Electrostriction Magnetic hysteresis Electroactive material Electromechanical coupling Energy harvesting Polyurethanes Ceramics Bistable Contrôle de vibrations Conversion électromécanique Ferroelectric ceramics Rubber Electromechanical conversion Amortissement des vibrations Bruit de Barkhausen Materials Ceramic materials Récupération d'énergie Mechanical excitations Structural ceramics Piezoelectric coefficient